we work on improving the lives of Palestinian chidren by..

 Providing financial support to the needy children, orphans in particular. More details on Orphan Sponsorship.
 Providing financial and in-kind volunteer support to partner organizations on medical care and treatment programs.
 Facilitating and financially supporting children education programs.

Financial year 2012/2013 report

Financial year 2011/2012 report

Financial year 2010/2011 report

Financial year 2009/2010 report

Financial year 2008/2009 report


On November 29 2009, the day recognised as the United Nations Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, Olive Kids  organised a dinner event for the members and their families to support the Palestinian children and orphans. All proceeds will be used to facilitate education, financial support and medical assistance to Palestinian children. Review event report.

Olive Kids works with Australian and Palestinian foundations that share the same vision and goals.

Olive Kids
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